die leuchten - sicherheit durch licht
die leuchten - sicherheit durch licht
Leuchtringe / Leuchthalsbänder für Hunde

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Hundeleuchtringe - Sicherheit fuer Ihren Hund

Many glow collars tested have weak points, are sensitive for defects or simply useless. Therefore experienced dog owners have developed a product whose characteristics improve unrivaled the safety of the dog and its owner. After having finished successfully the development others catered us for our "glowing" dogs we decided to produce the glow collar (Leuchtring) professionally.

Our glow collars:
  • 100% waterproof
    (up to 35 m depth)
  • very bright light
    (visible ca. 500 m / 1650 feet)
  • five extremely bright Superflux LED's
    (ca. 100.000 hours lifetime)
  • flexible silicone hose
    (even at low temperatures)
  • simple handling
    (can be opened for fastening)
  • many available sizes 
    (starting at 30 cm up to 70 cm)
  • currently five colours available 
    (white, red, green, blue, orange)
If you are not pleased with our glow collar (Leuchtring) you can return it within 14 days without any reason and we refund the purchase price. There is a 12 months guarantee on our quality products (expect on the batteries) and also 24 months of warranty. The glow collar is completely made in Germany and is being manufactured by skilled workers only.

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